We thrive when we feel loved, understood, and respected. When these elements are missing from relationships, self-esteem is eroded and it feels like we aren't truly living. Depression and anxiety are so commonplace in today's society that many people accept existing in a perpetual survival mode as the best life has to offer. In this intense information age, we are starving for genuine connection and intimacy.  Many people struggle with feeling unfulfilled emotionally, spiritually, and lack a clear purpose in life.  

San Luis Obispo Mindfulness Coaching

I have witnessed with my clients and personally experienced the transformational power of psychotherapy.  I am continually inspired by new research and techniques that I share with my clients so they have practical, effective tools to navigate life and create meaningful relationships. With a commitment to growth and an openness to new ideas, change is possible!  


Psychotherapy can be seen as walking the path to your authentic, truest self with the support of an experienced guide. I provide a safe place to express emotions, learn effective coping skills, and emerge with greater confidence to live the life you truly desire.  

I am available for a complimentary phone consultation to answer your questions and discuss how psychotherapy can benefit you and your relationships.  Due to county and state COVID-19 safety recommendations, I am currently only offering phone and video sessions until further notice.